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"ОLКАТ" Research and Production Firm



      The Company having started its activity as a laboratory, developing and strengthening scientific positions, at present is actively operating in the catalysts market. The Company did consolidate specialists from different laboratories of the Institute VNIINEFTEKHIM (S-Petersburg) in order to continue the developments of the catalysts and petrochemical processes. 
Now after more than twenty years of experience and input of considerable effort the "ОLКАТ" Ltd. has become an enterprise which is carrying out a wide spectrum of activity: from development of quality assured products to their introduction in a competitive catalysts market, that is the best confirmation of professionalism and unity of collective, certificate of a solvency of organization.
The activity of "OLKAT" Ltd. is aimed to ensure the needs of petroleum refineries in modern effective reforming, hydrotreating, isomerization catalysts and adsorbents.                           

 Within the framework of this task "ОLКАТ"  Ltd. carries out scientific research, which allows our experts to develop the most effective catalysts and adsorbents for oil processing and petrochemistry processes. The firm places the orders for catalysts and adsorbents producing, carries out authors' supervision of manufacturing, packing control, thus ensuring the high quality of the products.
All products, supplied to the consumers, are accompanied by service including handing in the necessary recommendations and instructions, rendering the technological help at loading, starting-up, and operation of both catalysts and adsorbents. As a rule, the cooperation with us is not limited to commission of operation with handing in guarantee indexes during the fixed run, but assistance for long period, during which the optimization of modes of operation and regeneration of both catalysts and adsorbents is to be performed.
"OLKAT" Ltd. practises comprehensive approach to problems of oil processing. Therefore at the same time with effective catalysts of hydrotreating and reforming we offer our customers a wide range of selective adsorbents for removal of sulfur compounds, hydrogen chloride, moisture. It allows to solve problems of feed preparation, drying, protection of the equipment against corrosion, etc. Besides we supply express reagents for activation of catalysts, we develop analytical techniques, conduct certification of deactivated catalysts to ensure their processing and extraction of active components.
The company offers designing and complete supply of equipment for drying gases and treating them of hydrogen chloride.
Success of  "ОLКАТ"  Research-and-Production Firm" work in many respects is determined by the company personnel. The "ОLКАТ" highly skilled experts work in the sphere of reforming, isomerization, hydrotreating and adsorption, and a third of scientific staff possess Ph.D. degrees in chemistry and chemical processing.


  • development, manufacturing, supplying and author accompanying of the catalysts and adsorbents; 

  • engineering of the refinery processes        


    • Catalytical reforming of petroleum fractions;
    • Isomerization processes (for n-paraffins and C8-arenes convertion);
    • Hydroisomerization of benzene-containing feed;
    • Hydrotreating of gasoline and diesel motor fuels;
    • Hydrogenation and Dehydrogenation;
    • Adsorption purification of gas and liquid HC streams from sulfur and other contaminates;
    • Adsorption removal of chlorine, HCl and organic chlorine compounds from gas and liquid hydrocarbon streams;
    • Drying of the gas and liquid HC streams




    Development of technical and commercial suggestions and initial data for the designing:
        - catalytical reforming of petroleum fractions;
        - isomerization;        
        - hydroisomerization of benzene-containing fractions;
        - fuel hydrodesulfurization;
    • adsorptive assemblies for S-, Cl- removal and drying of gas and liquid HC streams; 
    • development of the TFP of investions for designing of combined units for auto-fuels in according with Euro-4,5 for new refinery enterprises  to be designed of 

    • Preparation and supplying of catalysts and adsorbents;
    • Overviewing of catalysts/sorbents (technical assistance at charging, start-up and exploitation);
    • Complex of the services intended for the efficacy improvement of reforming, isomerization etc. units including recharge and catalysts` activation, starting-up and normal exploitation, results optimization, participation in regenerations performing, personnel training and so on;

    • Performance of physic-chemical analyses and testing of catalysts and adsorbents;
    •  Precision determination of Pt and Re content in catalysts, arbitrary analyses, other analytical measurements with help of accredited testing center “Catalyst”;
    •  Processing of spent Pt-Re catalysts;
     Technical assistance in utilizations of deactivated catalysts and adsorbents.


         JSC “OLKAT” suggests such modern high effective catalysts for following refining processes:
    • catalytical reforming of the petroleum fractions;
    • isomerization of n-butane and light hydrocarbons;
    • hydroisomerization of benzene-containing feed stock;
    • hydrotreating of benzene, diesel and heavy fractions;
    • hydrogenation and dehydrogenation;
    • adsorption purification of HC  gases. 
    JSC “OLKAT” suggests modern high efficacy adsorbents and desiccants
    In order to provide high quality of the products we produce them under the author supervision in accordance with our technology and grant the corresponding services including appropriate recommendation concerning start-up and exploitation operations.




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